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People born without a limb or who’ve had to have one amputated are missing something that can be an intimate part of daily living. At Roger Wolfson & Associates, we help make the challenge of choosing and learning to use a prosthetic limb a little easier. We create prostheses that cater to your individual needs — your functional, psycho-emotional, and job-related requirements are our priority.

We’ll also advise you on how to look after your prosthetic, how to take it on and off, and most importantly, how to wear it with confidence!

Ask about our Otto Bock prosthetic range for durable, advanced technology with amazing quality.

What are prosthetics made of?

Most modern prosthetics are made from plastic and carbon fibre composites, making the limb lighter, stronger, and more natural looking.

Different parts of the prosthetic limb will be made of other materials: more mechanical parts will be composed of aluminium, steel, or titanium, and the components that allow the prosthetic to fit comfortably onto your residual limb are made specifically for each client, but they commonly include materials like silicone and rubber.

Lower Limb

  • Partial-foot/Chopart solutions
  • Symes Prosthetics
  • Below Knee Prosthetics
  • Through Knee Prosthetics
  • Above Knee Prosthetics
  • Through Hip Prosthetics

We can tailor-make your ideal prosthetic with the right kind of fit, articulation, and suspension to meet your movement needs, whether you’re an athlete, kindergarten teacher, or work from home. The socket design and suspension of your prosthetic leg, ankle, and or foot will depend on the specifics of your residual limb, but you can be assured that it’ll fit like Cinderella’s shoe!

Unique to your body

All our sockets (the connecting part between the stump and the prosthesis) are custom-made from a mould of your body, contoured according to the shape, size, and sensitivity points of the residual limb (stump) they fit onto. As the socket design is especially fitted to you, it’s important that we figure out any pain or discomfort to provide you with a limb that feels comfortable and suits your level and type of physical activity. The socket also bends and shifts with your limb thanks to the flexible, lightweight material we use.

We also do seal-in liners to create excellent suction suspension (suspension is the way your prosthesis “holds” onto you) for comfort and confident mobility.

Toe be or not toe be: feet

Our Chopart feet solutions are flexible and durable, providing a smoother, more symmetrical gait; and our Symes prostheses are comfortable and hardy, affording you dynamic movement and flexibility too. They can also manage the weight of your leg with no problem.

Move smooth

Get better three-dimensional movement and walk more naturally with our through-hip prosthetics. You’ll be surprised at the strength and functionality of your prosthetic, which offers more controlled and smooth movements. We aim to adapt through-hip devices that are secure, reduce the amount of energy needed for walking, and improve sitting posture.

Upper Limb

  • Partial Hand Prosthetics
  • Wrist Disarticulation Prosthetics
  • Below Elbow Prosthetics
  • Above Elbow Prosthetics
  • Shoulder disarticulation Prosthetics
  • Forequarter Prosthetics
  • Breast Prosthetics

Top-Class Tech

With the new technology available, we can support you to live your everyday life with comfortable, intuitive, and finely-tuned prosthetics that help you with things like buttoning up a shirt or holding a suitcase; things give you back a sense of control and self-reliance.

Ask about our Otto Bock prosthetic range for durable, advanced technology with amazing quality.

A Helping Hand

When you’re missing fingers or parts of your hand, getting a prosthetic with the right adaptations to suit what you need to do with your hands is paramount to feeling confident and able. That’s why we have personalised prosthetic options for premium functionality or natural-looking cosmetics that match the tone of your skin.

From basic gripping and pinching to complex motor-operated fingers that help with focused control in fine-motor coordination tasks, we’ll hand(le) your hand needs with the utmost care and professionalism.

We also make activity-specific devices to assist you in your goals, like weightlifting or even woodworking and painting.

When the whole hand is amputated, prosthetic choices can vary, but most options entail a socket that attaches to different kinds of terminal devices to suit the task at hand, like a hook or hand. We can also design special connecting elements for specific tasks (e.g. holding an oar when boating or operating machinery).

We can create a bespoke hand or arm or a simple shoulder cap (especially for forequarter amputations). A shoulder cap can protect your sensitive areas, makes your body more symmetrical, and clothes will fit more naturally.

Breast Prosthetics

After a mastectomy, you might feel quite self-conscious about your shape. Different types of breast prosthetics can replace the shape of all or part of the breast that has been removed. Designed to have a similar look, feel, and weight as close to your natural breast as possible, we make soft, anti-allergenic silicone gel prosthetics resembling your natural breast in any size, shape, and skin tone. Foam prostheses are also available for a lighter, cooler feel (especially for active women).