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Orthotic devices help you recover from injuries or prevent them. Buying a back, wrist, or knee brace at the pharmacy just isn’t the same as having a brace fitted by an orthotics professional — we pride ourselves on our wide range of devices made to measure for the best comfort and efficacy.

Depending on your injury or rehabilitation needs, orthotic devices are made to help you:

  • regain healthy movement
  • limit movement after an accident or surgery so that body can heal faster
  • protect and support muscles, bones, joints and ligaments
  • keep the bones in the right position
  • reduce pain and inflammation
  • provide extra support
  • prevent further injuries

Back Braces and Support Systems

Elastic support || Pulley support || Hyperextension braces || Jewett braces || Moulded jackets

Back pain? Posture problems? Spinal injury or deformity? Whatever’s cracked your back, we’ve got the orthotic device to keep you feeling strong and supported. Visit our offices for an evaluation to see how we can find you the right orthotic device for healing and health.

Sore back from sitting at a desk or in a car all day? Try our patented Backmate Back Brace and Spinal Support device for relief from pain.

Cervical (Neck) Braces

Along with comfortable soft collars and rigid collars for medical needs, we have sports collars for motocross riders, racecar drivers, and other daredevils who need to protect their necks in high-speed or high-impact activities.

Ankle, Knee, Wrist, and Elbow Supports

Try our ergonomic, well-fitting braces for protection, support and compression for fractures, sprains, strains and stress injuries. Enjoy sports again, as effective pain relief and healing are enabled through warmth and medical compression. We’ve got memory foam or lightweight materials and a good range of sizes with prices to suit all budgets.

Arch Supports

Correct your gait or improve your body’s biomechanics while standing, walking, or running with firm arch support. Orthotic shoe inserts can also strengthen your arches for improved bodyweight distribution and shock absorption, reducing pressure on your feet and ankles with each step. Inserts for flat feet help relieve pain, get your body back in balance, and align your spine, so the risk of developing issues in your ankles, feet, back, and hips are minimised.

Post-Operative Braces

After an operation, helping your body recover with the use of a brace can often lead to faster healing and reduce the risk of injuring the tender post-op area. At Roger Wolfson & Associates, we’re happy to provide (or design!) a brace that suits your body and your lifestyle so that you can get back to health and vitality in the shortest possible time.

Custom-Made Braces

Our experienced team can manufacture any kind of orthotic assistance device on-site! Every patient’s unique needs can be catered to, from the material used, the style, thickness, length, and adjustability to how it cushions your body and distributes your weight. For precise measurements that fit your body perfectly and provide supreme comfort and durability, come to us for custom-designed orthotics — we know exactly what we’re doing!

Sports Braces

Sports braces can provide stability for unsteady knees, wrists, elbows, or other joints. After injuries, they help to limit or control movement to protect you from further injury. Many athletes report that they can move more easily and sustainably when they’re fitted with a brace. Feel like a champion again as you rise to the challenge with a supportive sports brace.


Manual wheelchairs || Electric wheelchairs || Modular wheelchairs || Lightweight, foldable wheelchairs || Sports wheelchairs || Shower & bathroom wheelchairs

Being mobile means having the freedom to do what you want and need to do. A wheelchair provides you with this gift when your mobility is impaired. The type of wheelchair you choose affects your quality of life, so it’s a very personal decision — especially if you’re a power wheelchair user and spend most of your time on wheels. Let us assist you in maximising your quality of life by finding you the right wheelchair, considering factors like weight, adjustability, the type of seat, the armrests and their position, and your lifestyle.

We put in the time and the care to personalise your support system so that we see real results and avoid having to go for surgery.

Where surgery is unavoidable, we can work together with your surgeon to aid recovery and optimise recovery time, looking at potential issues and how they can be prevented with orthotics.

From theatre to thriving, we’re here for your full recovery journey.